Your havin a Giraffe!

Morning all all morning….. I forgot to tell you yesterday about my restless arm syndrome..yes its real - anyway so the whole day/night i spent flapping my arm around like a drowning seal it was horrible, i had it in me legs when i was pregnant but didnt think you could get it in the arm…although i am a hyperchondriac so if anyones gonna get something i will!!!!!!! Its gone now i think but the thought of it coming back traumatises me.. yes i am dramatic...

So yesterday i was pretty productive in the grand scheme of things, obviously i sorted me blog out, set up a fan page on face book (aint filled it out yet) and circulated my trailor and footage of showcase… see previous blogs if you wanna take a looksy...

Today im knackered cos the babies had me up all night, when i say baby i mean 2 and half years old, he still dont sleep , never has and probably never will, ive resigned myself to the fact that the remainder of my days will not only be spent as a zombie in the movie industry but also in real life (bollox) So my anxiety is going through the roof today cos im panicking that i didnt sleep which makes me panick about the fact im panicking that i didnt sleep… which then leads me to panick that my panicking will not allow me to get things done but to my surprise this morning i battled through my ‘panicking’ cleaned the house ( YES AGAIN) did the washing and sat down to my blog, I AM SO ROCK N ROLL.

Gonna have breakie in a mo, are you interested prob not but anyway… then im off out to my Mums Clothes Boutique 1 cos theres a jacket and a pair of trousers i want and 2 im meeting me mate Danielle down there so she can choose a dress for her sons christening which is being filmed by channel 4 on the day and in my Mums Shop while she chooses her outfit …. My Mums chuffed its a bit of advertising for her, Danielles chuffed cos shes the star of the show and im fucked off cos its not all about me.

Oh i almost forgot to tell you my excitng news, ive finally booked my little bit of cosmetic surgery which im having done in Paris, taking the fat out me arse and sticking in me face.. so yes i guess i wont have a fat arse anymore but will have a fat face!!!!! Joking…. anyway so i have a scar on my face which is getting improved and gonna have an acid peel, get me lips done (on my face) etc, was due to have it done this Friday but because of the christening i thought id better postpone till next week otherwise ill look like jackie stallone and have to rock up wearing a hat and veil like they did on that movie ‘Death becomes her’

Ok so thats me done for now, have a good day and i shall see you on the other side mor tomorrow would be better i think... tarrraaaah xxx

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