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I'm playing Linzi Gallo in Eastenders

Who missed the ‘violence is not the answer’ lecture at school?

Posted by BBC EastEnders on Thursday, March 26, 2015

New Photos

I've just added some new photos to the "Photo" section of my website, click here to view them

St Milligans Wharf is now being edited

I'm very excited that "St Milligans Wharf" is in the editing stages...exciting times this space!

My prelude to Hard Graft

Ive filmed my prelude to Hard Graft the piece ive been writing about the brass, see a few pics below.

Footage coming soon...

Also a thank you to Suz Cruz, Thomas English, Mike Donald, Tom Wilkinson, Delanie Forbes, Tracy Green, Natalie Mooney, Sam Hosker and Kevan Craft....xxxxxxxx [Gallery not found]

Zombie Resurrection - ADR

Below are a few photos of me doing my ADR for the feature film Zombie Resurrection:

St Milligans Wharf

Ok so recently ive become involved with a new sitcom called St Milligans Wharf and is set within a glamorous development in London, and focuses on the sales team that work there and the vast array of residents that live there, and highlights the class war in Britain today.

I actually auditioned for a different part but then my prostitue character that ive written about has now been written in to this series as one of the residents and ive also been taken on board as producer...

Footage i promised

Amateur Footage / Professional Performance

Your havin a Giraffe!

Morning all all morning….. I forgot to tell you yesterday about my restless arm syndrome..yes its real - anyway so the whole day/night i spent flapping my arm around like a drowning seal it was horrible, i had it in me legs when i was pregnant but didnt think you could get it in the arm…although i am a hyperchondriac so if anyones gonna get something i will!!!!!!! Its gone now i think but the thought of it coming back traumatises me.. yes i am dramatic...

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